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When it comes to aluminium trussing, rigging, and ground support manufacturers, none are more established or better known than the forefather of truss — James Thomas Engineering. Since 1977, JTE has been a traditional manufacturer that provides its worldwide client base with General Purpose, Supertruss, and HD truss systems that are suitable for daily use.
JTE currently supports the most innovative productions in outdoor concerts, theaters, or corporate venues, and continue to provide ideal structures for any size event or application in limitless configurations. They also manufacture professional gear for industry professionals.

WHY choose James Thomas Engineering?

  • Easy-to-assemble general truss systems for a range of standard lighting rigs and flying PA systems.
  • Pre-rigged, durable and foldable super truss systems for small conference venues and auditoriums.
  • Versatile, moving light truss systems with increased load-bearing properties to accommodate the most dynamic moving light requirements.
  • Industry leader in truss lighting fixtures.

Brand manager

Carmen Savarese

Sales & Marketing Director

5427 N. National Dr. Knoxville
Knoxville TN 37914

Fabio Prada

Managing Director

Via Martin Luther King, 70
31032 Casale sul Sile (TV)