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Knowing everything about trussing and rigging. Watch our educational videos.

As a part of our comprehensive education program for truss and support structure industry professionals, we introduce the new range of videos that will even expand in the nearest future. See the rigging standards and discover some clever shortcuts and hints from people like Eric Porter or Norbert Tripp. Both of them are pretty worth watching, you could bet on it!

Who's Eric?

Eric Porter can be described as the man who knows everything about trussing and rigging – as well as we do. He definitely must know, since he started doing this job back in 70's! And now he passes all his knowledge and expertise around in the series of short educational videos. Enjoy and learn!

Risk Assessment

Event rigging? It's all about safety. And who should give a better advice about how to consider risks in advance to reduce potential dangers, than Eric Porter? See how he gets everything under control!

Sling Types

What are the sling types suitable for the event rigging? See Eric Porter's short, but thorough introduction to ropes and slings and their appropriate usage.

Wire Rope

Let's meet Eric The Terminator again, briefly explaining the rope lengths and diameters – and the importance of terminations, of course. Thanks to his advices, you'll probably survive!

How strong

Strong nearly always means safe... Of course there is much more to be assessed, speaking of safety factors in rigging. And don't worry, Eric knows that riggers are not structural engineers.


May the angled force be with you! Discover the variety of ways how you can sling truss to safely deliver the heavy, heavy loads to their places. We are sure Eric can reduce the pressure put on you.

Bracket or sling

You are probably aware of truss constructions, but Eric may give you a helping hand further more: he reveals some methods that will simplify your choice. You'll never ever get lost in the decision process whether to use bracket or sling for lifting!

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