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The ÖTILLÖ swimrun series (www.otilloswimrun.com) is one of the toughest one-day races in the world and is quickly spreading around the globe. Started in 2006, it consists of teams of two that alternate between trail running and open water swimming.
Thanks to its success, there’s an increasing demand for swimrun races around the world.  To satisfy this demand, a whole new set of races called the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series have been launched. In 2016, around 1,500 athletes will be competing in five qualifying races for the series - Utö in Sweden, Engadin in the Swiss Alps, Hvar in Croatia, Isles of Scilly in the UK and 1000 Lakes in Germany (Mecklenburger Seenplatte).
To supply the important finish line gate for this year’s world series, ÖTILLÖ has teamed up with Area Four Industries Germany to design and provide the truss for this structure.  The gate will travel to all events around Europe and is sure to be a welcome site for each and every competitor at the end of the grueling race.
Construction of the gate was a team effort between ÖTILLÖ and Norbert Tripp, Technical Director at Area Four Industries Germany.  The 5 m wide x 3.5 m high structure has a 3 m x 2.5 m opening for competitors and features three banners.  MILOS QTV truss was chosen for this structure due to its strength and the durability required for frequent set-ups, tear downs and transport.  Designed to stand without the need for guy wires, it uses MILOS multicube connectors instead of standard corners to achieve a maximum overall length of all elements is 1,500 mm, so it easily fits into a small transport van.
As part of the service Area Four Industries Germany provides to its clients, a pre-setup lesson was led by Area Four Industries’ Carsten Pfeiffer (Sales & Marketing Manager) to train ÖTILLÖ how to work with the truss and properly set up the gate.
The last race of the series will be the ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN SPRINT 1000 LAKES, which will take place on Saturday, October 22th in Germany.