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Area Four Industries Technical Director Norbert Tripp was one of the distinguished speakers selected to make presentations at the 4th Annual AV Alliance Academy Days held in Stuttgart, Germany on December 4th and 5th.

Norbert was chosen for the conference due to his long time experience as a structural engineer within the event technology industry and his extensive knowledge of truss & the structures that support this equipment.
“The truth behind truss” presentation from Norbert was given on the 1st day of the conference, and covered regulations for truss manufacturers and truss users, statically indetermined systems and cantilevers on truss. Furthermore, he spoke about the correct orientation of truss, the correct way of slinging truss and continuity of truss bracing. The presentation was full of important information and was well received by participants. Since most of the conference participants specialize in light and sound, and are not so familiar with truss technology, many questions were raised, discussed and clarified in a lively discussion.
AV Alliance (www.avalliance.com) is a network of more than 70 event technology rental specialists located in 47 countries that have met stringent international standards to ensure they provide customers around the world with absolute quality and reliability.
For the past four years, the AV Alliance has held its successful Academy Days conference, where Senior Project Managers, Senior Engineers, and 2nd and 3rd tier management attend presentations and breakout sessions that deal with leading event technology.
In the end, all participants profited from the subject matter presented during the conference and the numerous networking opportunities that were made available to them.