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This year’s Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt saw the flexing of our brands’ collective muscles, which made for exciting presentation areas for the many visitors who came to our stand.  Along with a selection of each brand’s popular and established products, a range of new and innovative items we’re also displayed. Judging from visitor reactions during the show, it was clear the direction each brand is taking is in tune with its customers’ wants and needs.  Following is an overview of what each brand displayed at the show.

Presentation of the MILOS steel truss line, as well as its new steel tower, head section and base with outriggers, turned more than a few heads at the show and generated a lot of interest from companies that could appreciate extreme load capacity this truss line can deliver.  The accompanying video next to the display, which documented the recent load testing on MILOS steel truss spans with up to 47 tons CPL (!), was a fitting addition to the already impressive power the steel line commanded at the show.
Additional new products that MILOS displayed included its roof canopy tensioner that achieves 50% higher tensioning compared to their previous system and eliminates water pooling on roof structures, ceiling support for low headroom and safe suspension of all sizes of MILOS truss, and its truss carrier + dolly for convenient transport of all M290 / M390 trio and quatro format truss.

LITEC debuted three new products at this year’s Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.  One of the stars of the show was its new MyT Virtue truss line, which is part of the MyT truss family and a smaller version of the MyT Folding Steroid truss line. A compact solution, thanks to its folding design, it provides increased loading capacity for a truss of this size, as well as decreased deflection and longer spans for large-scale events. Made from EN AW 7003 T6 aluminium, it has 60mm main chords and features weld-free construction.
Another popular new item from LITEC was its Hoist Box Truss that offers EXE-Rise 500kg hoist owners a convenient, space saving and low headroom method of hanging their hoist within a wide range of support structures. The hoist box has a standard length of 500 mm, which makes it compatible with selected trio and quatro LITEC truss for seamless integration in structure designs. Weaker, heat affected zones are eliminated due to its weld-free construction, making it extremely strong.
LITEC also displayed components from its high capacity MaxiTower 52HD and MaxiTower 63 line, and selected modules from its extensive crowd barrier line.
Another surprise LITEC had up their sleeve was the introduction of their new LITECAD EVOLUTION online/offline configurator, which helps bring their customers’ structural visions to life.

James Thomas Engineering came to the Prolight + Sound show to officially debut their new, innovative safety block system for their Thomas Tower TT4 that protects mother grids from both drop AND lift! It’s a truly unique concept that went over well at the show.
Their recently launched conical truss series for the EMEA region was also on display, which builds on its pedigree and extensive knowledge in truss manufacturing. James Thomas Engineering now claims a total of three connection systems – conical, fork and plated – for a range of structures and projects. 
Their conical range includes the JT22 light-duty display system in a compact format, JT30 / JT30H mid-sized system for multi-purpose use, multi-purpose JT40H / JT40HR / JT36 truss for mid-sized heavy-duty applications, JT52 high-capacity truss with super-sized conical connectors for higher loading capacities, and the extra heavy-duty JT100 truss for extra high-capacity loads.

TOMCAT showed its claws at Prolight + Sound this year with the display of the innovative Nemesis pre-rig truss, the arch-ene­my of all pre-rig truss competitors!
What makes Nemesis pre-rig truss so special is its side-loading design that features a leg stand option, which allows one person to load fixtures into the truss during prep. But Nemesis innovation is much more than that!
The side channels can be mounted in two locations within the truss if smaller fixtures are used. A second set of channels can also be mounted, allowing fixtures to be offset as needed within the hang. A hanging bracket is built in the truss on both sides. The dolly legs can be disassembled easily and stacked above the truss for the comfortable and quick storing-during-show feature that everybody has been dreaming of!
With the launch of this new pre-rig touring truss from TOMCAT, Nemesis not only lives up to its name, it lives up to your idea of how pre-rig touring truss should perform!

This year’s Prolight + Sound show saw the worldwide debut of EXE Technology’s new dynamic stack tracks rail and trolley system – the EXE-DST66 – which builds on the success of their popular DST52 system.
To answer the call by live production professionals across the globe for a heavy-duty rail and trolley system for their demanding live productions, EXE Technology went to their design room and developed the DST66 system that draws on a total of 63 Nm of power (additional 38 Nm compared to the DST52 system) and achieves speeds up to 60 m/min at 50 Hz (an additional 36 m/min compared to the DST52). 
Response to this system at the EXE Technology stand during the exhibition was absolute proof that they hit the bullseye!

Mobiltechlifts had another successful presentation at Prolight + Sound this year with a presentation of its telescopic and multi-purpose lifts. But the undisputed star of the show this year was its new MS2-4012 compact lift, which achieves higher safety factors inspired by the recently established German standard for windup lifts (DIN 56950-3). Through the use of a very special fire retardant belt, extremely precise guidance profiles are achieved and bespoke aluminium extrusions are implemented. It does not need safety pins, is very light, features low visibility due to its matt black finish, is very user -friendly and is extremely easy to operate under load.
If you missed the show, each brand will be happy to inform you about their new products and how their range of structural and staging solutions are just what you’ve been searching for.