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Area Four Industries America’s presence at LDI 2017 proved to be an extremely successful follow-up to its first attendance at last year’s LDI show, where the newly launched company made its debut. Its impressive booth at this year’s show was constructed from the flexible and easy to assemble LITEC Libera series truss, which made the shape of the company’s iconic number four, and featured products from its MILOS, LITEC, EXE Technology and Mobiltechlifts brands. 
The LDI show was also the debut of two new additions to the Area Four Industries America team.  Sales & Marketing Director, Carmen Savarese, and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Adrian Forbes-Black, were both on hand at the booth to meet with customers and talk about the exciting new developments at the company.
The show started on a high note, with LITEC’s MyT Folding Steroid Roof System receiving the 2017 “Best New Truss” gold star award from PLSN magazine. The presentation of this award is further confirmation that the MyT Folding Steroid truss design is what customers require and industry professionals appreciate. 

“We spent a lot of time and resources developing the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System. Our goal was to design a roof system that answers the needs of live event professionals for their largest and most demanding productions.  We’ve achieved this goal with the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System, which is a modular, self-contained roof environment that’s a hybrid of aluminum mother grid truss sections, made with 3 meter long pieces of MyT Folding Steroid Truss, with 40 ton capacity & free-span capabilities of up to 33 meters, 85 cm x 85 cm aluminium towers with 18,500 kg maximum payload capacity at 17 meter heights, and key structural elements in steel like, modular ballast bases, sleeve block, safety block & top. It’s very gratifying to not only receive confirmation from customers that we’ve hit a home run with this extreme roof system, but also from industry professionals.”, said LITEC Managing Director Fabio Prada.
For this year’s LDI show, Area Four Industries’ MILOS brand presented new and innovative products introduced in 2017, such as its MR1 Vario Corner, standard and heavy duty multicubes, QBHB1 modular hinge, QTB Hanging Plate with “drop hook” design, and CS3B-ADJ-M290 and CS-M290/M400 ceiling support.  Additional selected products from the high quality and affordable MILOS range of truss were also displayed.
LITEC had their impressive MyT Folding Steroid truss section on display, together with its HL 60 pre-rig truss and dolly, crowd barrier modules, versatile Libera series truss and other products from LITEC’s extensive range.

The new 8:1 safety factor 500 kg and 1000 kg EXE-RISE hoists from its EXE Technology brand were on display, as well as the world’s only load cell interface system - EXE-CELL. The EXE-CELL interface is fully integrated into the chain hoist and allows the monitoring of hoist loads in real time!  The EXE-RISE and EXE-CELL were set up at the booth and live demonstrations provided for all visitors.
Mobiltechlifts presented its TUV and BGV C1 certified ML2 telescopic lift, with integrated wheels, brakes and bubble level, together with additional lift accessories from the Mobiltechlifts product range.
The sales team on hand at the show also provided visitors with information about the unique Technical Sales Service offered by Area Four Industries America, where in-house experts and structural engineers provide assistance with purchases and guide customers through all stages of project implementation. This service offer includes access to software, modern technologies (such as 3D printing) and other services that ensure successful implementation of small to large projects for all customers. 
Area Four Industries America may be a new player on the market, but it’s clear they’re in a very good position to make inroads due to the extensive range of products offered by their truss, hoist and lift brands