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We’ve added a new rubber bushing to our M8 threaded truss pin, which reduces the risk of the truss pin loosening by itself. This is particularly important for truss that has a permanently mounted connector, for transport or assembly reasons, or for fixed installations, where visual inspections of the truss pins are carried out on a more infrequent basis.
This new rubber bushing will be part of all PBM8 pin sets going forward and the price of the set will not be increased.
 We will also sell this rubber bushing separately, in packets of 50 pieces, for customers who already own the PBM8 pin set and use it in their current structures.
At MILOS, we’re constantly improving the performance and practicality of our products. This new update to our PBM8 pin set is another example of our never-ending quest to meet and exceed your expectations of quality and value.