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The innovative universal design and placement of durable rubber holders on the truss carrier allows it to hold both quatro and trio formats of the M290 and M390 series truss. Constructed from aluminium, the dolly also features channels for attaching ratchet straps. Due to the dolly’s 800 x 600 mm dimensions, it is able to fit in most trucks. When not in use, the empty dollies stack on top of each other to save space

• Stacking capacity of up to 6 levels of truss
• Grooves for securing ratchet straps
• Dimensions: 800 x 600 mm
• 2 regular wheels and 2 wheels with brakes (each wheel has a 100 kg loading capacity)
• Made from aluminium
• Custom size dollies available on request

Quatro and trio Truss Inserts for the M290 and M390 truss series.

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