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Forza Zu and After Hills in June, Neversea and Electric Castle in July and finally Untold in August. A full production agenda for Arena Events, to say the least. Prolyte Group works closely together with the mastermind behind these events, Corneliu Ladin. Prolyte fan from his first encounter with Prolyte and Prolyte products, he simply trusts Prolyte to deliver and perform. Prolyte supplied lots of equipment for the above shows, with Untold being the absolute highlight. Winning the award for Best Major European Festival 2015, motivated the Untold team to stage an even more outreagously looking festival, including a line up which encompasses almost every name on the DJ top 20. Being informed on the BGR70 truss at an early stage, this helped Arena Events in creating and designing for the above mentioned events. With the qualites and specs of this truss type we we’re able to create a more elaborate design, being able to use both the high load bearing of the truss and the fact that it can be build to have zero deflection. This is ideal to create stunning front facades, like for the Neversea main stage”, states designer BigVis. “We used two spans of 22 metre of BGR70 truss to support the curved LED panels, mounted on truss, which really gave depth to the complete stage structure”. Arena Events is one of the first companies in Europe to own this latest invention from Prolyte. Due to its low volume and height, combined with a high load bearing capacity, the BGR70 truss is extremely suitable as a mother grid, or to support a front façade for large sets, like on dance festivals. Due to its zero deflection, the BGR70 truss is ideal in applications with motion or LED screens. In order to create the striking front façade for the Untold mainstage, 3 spans of 26 metre BRG70 were used, supported by 6 two tonne hoists per side, creating just enough load bearing capacity to mount the extravagant decoration, lighting and LED panels that were all part of the design.