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Be a part of the worldwide leader in Event engineered support structures in entertainment industry. We are looking for welders of aluminium trusees. 
Czech Republic
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Marek Zubor
Brand Manager, MILOS
Head Hunter

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Adrian Forbes-Black
Adrian Forbes-Black
Sales&Marketing Director, USA
Working in Entertainment Industry is  a pleasure for everybody who is looking for interresting job full of very friendly customers. I can highly recommend working for Area Four Industries.
Andre Schniedergers
Andre Schniedergers
Project Engineer, Germany
Solving different problems in product development and structural engineering is my passion. I love this industry, because we are working everyday on tasks, what makes people more happy on the final event.
Marek Zubor
Marek Zubor
Brand Manager, Czechia
I am very often surprised about how long it takes to push small improvements through and make them work perfectly, repeatedly, and economically. It's very often a painful experience, but I keep waiting for the moment when I can say: WE HAVE IT!
Rafaella Giampaglia
Rafaella Giampaglia
Brand Manager, Italy
My responsibilities are related to electric chain hoists and other products from EXE Technology range. I am in very interresting industry what makes everything on stage moving, rotating and lifting.

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