Our brands

Our four leading truss and support structure brands offer a wide range of innovative, top quality products that satisfy their customers' demanding requirements. Design and engineering departments at each brand also provide professional services for custom and bespoke projects.
MILOS is a dynamic company that produces a wide range of products and structural solutions with the flexibility to change and adapt to required conditions. Customers are provided with the reliability they need, day after day and project after project.
Prolyte is the world leading manufacturer of hardware products and safe structural solutions for the entertainment industry.
High quality LITEC truss and components feature a modern design that handles a wide range of projects with style. Every component shows superb craftsmanship and their extraordinary design delivers top levels of safety, scalability and compatibility.
Durability and compatibility of TOMCAT’s products is well known throughout the entertainment & event industries. The working strength of its truss and support structures has been proven to hold up to the loads and rigors of the most demanding applications with rock solid reliability.
James Thomas Engineering
We are the biggest supplier of truss on the planet and offer customers an unsurpassed range of truss and ready-made structural solutions, as well as compatibiity with many of the most popular connection systems across the globe.
EXE Technology
Products within the EXE range have been engineered to safely move and position stage equipment, scenery, video walls & other related structures before, during and after your performance.
Three needs. Three solutions. Three platforms…Discover the Flexa Sensors ecosystem!
Lifting, drive and control solutions from Prolyte makes productions happen, on stage, on tour, in theatres or sports arenas. they ensure safe object or performer movements and protect performers in their daily work. Whether up, down, left or right, the direction, speed or load of the movement is only limited by your imagination. Prolyft is able to cover a broad spectrum of lifting, drive and control solutions within the entertainment market due to employees with an open ear for customer
Xstage is a line of portable, modular stages made from high quality, extruded aluminium. Their legendary versatility, strength and durability suit a wide variety of applications – from traveling exhibits to concert tours. All stages are height adjustable, stable, easy to construct and feature compact storage. Additional accessories allow them to be used as catwalks, dance floors, and a host of other applications.
Stagedex staging is among the strongest and most versatile systems on the market for build-ing temporary or demountable stages. The product of long-term practical experience, Stagedex offers a solid solution to a variety of staging needs. Efficient and lightweight yet offering a high loading capacity, Stagedex is ideal for all your business functions from con-ferences, award ceremonies and exhibitions to banquets, product launches and concerts.