Offer of courses

Area Four Industries offers you a package of Scholarships related to truss, rigging and temporary demountable structures. Choose according to the target group and level of knowledge you wish to achieve. We will ensure you receive the best courses in the industry.
Product Academy
As truss, truss structures and chain hoists are technical products that need to be fully understood by sales teams, we offer courses to provide participants with the ammunition they need to sell them.
Prolyte Campus
Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte initiative to support and inform our clients with the latest industry trends and changes
Live Webinar
Area Four Industries is committed to continue educating people working in our field of expertise....
Rigger's Voice
Annual Rigger’s Voice forum, which serves as a platform to amplify the voice of leading riggers that work with their products on a daily basis. During the forum, top riggers network with each other, exchange professional experience and gain new experience. 
TOMCAT U training
The prestigious TOMCAT U Annual Truss & Rigging Workshop is widely considered one of the industry’s most respected Rigging Training Courses.

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