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The prestigious TOMCAT U Annual Truss & Rigging Workshop is widely considered one of the industry’s most respected Rigging Training Courses. Designed as a focused, small group, informal training course, the five-day event, held in TOMCAT’s sales office and warehouse in Thousand Oaks, California, is run by some of the most experienced instructors in its field. Experts include Adrian Forbes-Black (Vice President of Tomcat, USA) and Will Todd (COO of Tomcat USA).

All participants in the Workshop receive invaluable training on aluminium trusses, truss engineering, and truss design and usage. The unveiling of many new products designed to increase efficiency and safety at work is always eagerly anticipated.

For over three decades, TOMCAT has written new chapters in the story of American trussing and staging. Technical and safety expertise allied to superior built-to-last solutions  make TOMCAT a top American brand.

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