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Rigging Gear 101 (Part 2)
In the second part of our continuing series of videos looking at the terminology and techniques used in rigging best practices, Siobhan Colleen takes us through the many uses of Wire Rope Slings, commonly known as “Steel.”
Presented in an easy-to-understand, informative, and lively style, Siobhan also introduces us to Polyester Round Slings, Specialized Theatrical Alloy Chains, Anchor Shackles, and Turnbuckles, paying particular attention to safety issues in the workplace.
Whether you are an experienced rigger or new to the industry, be sure to click on the link below:
The complete series of videos, all distinctively narrated by Siobhan, focuses on various contemporary rigging techniques. The eleven consecutive videos cover:
Rigging Gear 101 (Part I)
Rigging Gear 101 (Part 2)
Arena Chalk Markings
Rock and Roll Baskets
Siobhan Builds a Basket (Split15)
Build a Bridle
Build a Bridle (Deck Chain)
Build a Bridle (Wire Rope Drop)
Send It Baskets
Send It Chain Motors
Send It Pipe
All the videos will be broadcast on A4I. tv – First Trussing & Rigging Television.