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The well-deserved Blu heart-er of this month goes to Dennis Brookman from in Groningen (NL). 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Dennis is one of the well-known faces behind the company which he started in 1993.
In their rental business they are known as “the problem solvers” and like to think out of the box. As a true blu harter, he invested in Prolyte trusses in his rental fleet.
Nowadays he does not only has Prolyte trusses, but also a big assortment of Prolyte Stagedex and Prolyft hoists. This makes him one of bigger rental hubs with the widest assortment of Prolyte Products in the northern area of the Netherlands.
This all can be found on their just released new website
Dennis, this one’s for you and a very big thank you for all your loyalty and faith in us and our products. Keep on going strong. 💙
Check the complete news here:
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