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Madame Oberer is well recognised in Switzerland for her expertise and vast knowledge of Prolyte products. She has more than 25 years of partnership and ordeal with Prolyte and the Swiss market. Her accomplishments speak volumes, resulting in partnering relationships and building a large network.

Being Prolyte’s most experienced ambassador 3 decades, Madame Oberer deserves this nominee to shine in the spotlight 💙🍻! 

The BluHeart awards Program represents the love, gratitude and appreciation Prolyte gives and receives from loyal partners, valued customers, friends and family. We at Prolyte value each and everyone of you, that’s why we’d like to highlight your experience and testimonies with the rest of the world! If you are currently reading his message, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE A BLU HEART-ER!!

We nominate and highlight one blu heart-er every month. Want to nominate a blu heart-er? Send your nominees to

Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Netherlands, Prolyte has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise and of being one step ahead of the competition with a new mentality and new energy: “Prolyte. Feel Fantastic.”