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The well-deserved Blu heart-er of this month goes to Jasper Coolen from Podiumverhuur Haaglanden B.V. 👏🏽👏🏽

Jasper is known in the industry and at Prolyte for his years of loyalty and support to the Prolyte brand. Being a significant user of our StageDex and trussing range, we thought it is time to give him a moment to shine: Jasper, thank you for being a great supporter of Prolyte, you are a true ambassador of the brand! Jasper; this one’s for you 💙🍻!


Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Netherlands, Prolyte has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise and of being one step ahead of the competition with a new mentality and new energy: “Prolyte. Feel Fantastic.”