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It’s very difficult to find someone more passionate about Prolyte trussing, safety and installations than Robert Izzett from South Africa’s DWR Distribution!

Perhaps it’s his sense of adventure, love for the outdoor, and the way his mind is geared to overcome obstacles that make working with trussing come naturally to him. His friends and colleagues know that when the chips are down, whether you are in a 4x4 vehicle stuck in the desert sand or must build an intricate truss roof, Robert is the person you want on your side.

Selling trussing to the African market, Robert has great confidence in the people behind the Prolyte brand and the quality product delivered. Whether he is selling a stick of truss or a full ground support system, he is assertive in ensuring all safety measures and training are in place before the gear leaves the premises.

With a commitment to education, Rob was instrumental in bringing certified Prolyte Rigging Courses to the country where (pre-Covid-19) were hosted annually and presented by Prolyte approved international trainers. In addition, he regularly presented Basic Rigging Courses which is a practical workshop that covers the rigging laws in South Africa and all the safety aspects such as working with shackles, truss and enabling technicians to familiarise themselves with the technicalities of hardware.

While his blood is blue, Rob hates being in the limelight and if he knew, he would've prevented this write-up from being shared! But for the DWR team; who nominated Robert for the Blu Heart award for this month, there really couldn't be anyone more deserving than Robert! Robert this one’s for you 💙🍻!

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