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Our first Blu Heart-er nominee in Mexico is here. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up to congratulate Rodolfo Oropeza, CEO of the company Audio, Video e Iluminacion Profesional de CV (Grupo Roa) 

Rodolfo has approximately 34 years in the industry, out of those, 15 years being a Prolyte user. He started by obtaining our decks and then continued being a Prolyte customer.
His favorite Prolyte product is the X30 truss in all its variations due to its flexible application possibilities. “It’s a product that is used almost daily”, said Rodolfo.
His friends describe him as a humble and empath person with a strong human touch. A great listener, who can solve things in a responsible way, trying to see beyond the day-to-day needs.
In his free time, you can find Rofolfo either travelling or learning about different topics, most of the time industry-related, such as manufacturing processes and technical innovations.
“I feel flattered that I have been nominated as a Prolyte Blu Hear-er and my company as well. It’s a teamwork that we, all the people behind the scenes, have been part of. I am very grateful to Gonher Pro for all the support throughout these years, along with their, also good to mention, great team!”
Rodolfo, this one is for you, for taking the Blu Heart-er award all the way to Mexico, your loyalty and your deep love for this wonderful industry! 🍻