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Take your audience down the yellow brick road and dazzle their senses with impressive truss circles, ellipses and stars from our JTE brand. Designed to add a dynamic element to your support structures, they won’t disappoint when the curtain is drawn on your live events. Choose from diameters that range from 20’ to 50’, or make a custom order for any size or shape you desire.
Constructed with the time-tested and proven JTE 20.5”x 20.5” General Purpose truss, 12” x 12” General Purpose truss or 12 x 12 SuperTruss, you can count on the strength, durability and safety JTE has provided to their customers for more than 40 years.   

 B04OD20-8.jpg GP-12x12-50FT-X-30FT-Elipsejpg.jpg

Stand out from the crowd with a unique look and striking lighting angles that would even make a wizard proud!