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In the midst of nearly complete disruption of the live entertainment and exhibition industry, Creative Technologies (CT) made another investment to better serve their customers. CT added over 120 new sections of Prolyte VERTO 30V late last year to their existing extensive inventory.

Having been an early adopter of the technology with the truss in their inventory for more than 2 years, CT continues to be big fans. Ian Dobson, Project Manager/Lighting, Creative Technologies, states, “The ease of installing VERTO has saved us a lot of time during load-ins – approx. 50% to be more exact. Also, we have seen an approximate 40% savings on drayage expenses.”

In addition to the speed, the self-weight to strength ratio of VERTO compared to other 12” truss is a compelling benefit. In 2019, Dobson stated “Many of the venues like the Jacob Javits Center in NYC have weight constraints. The VERTO truss system allows us to hang more lights as it maximizes weight limits, which is vital for this type of show. With so many advantages, our goal is to refit all booths at the auto shows with VERTO truss.” He is still steadfast in that opinion today.

Keith Bohn, Prolyte Business Development Director for Area Four Industries America stated, “we thoroughly enjoy the relationship we have with CT through longtime distributor A.C. Lighting. And, we look forward to them incorporating more VERTO technology into their projects.”

VERTO truss is based on an innovative truss connection, where a rotating coupler system joins the sections. The name VERTO is derived from Latin, meaning ‘to turn’ or ‘to turn around,’ and that’s exactly how this coupler type works. A simple 180 degree rotation will manage to connect the truss. In addition to the 30V size (roughly 12” square), Prolyte also offers this innovative connection in the H40V (16” square) and H40R (16” rectangle).

Prolyte products are in stock in Knoxville, Tennessee and Thousand Oaks, California as well as Prolyte’s long time distribution partner A.C. Lighting in Toronto, Canada. Any inquiries or requests should be directed to:

Keith Bohn:
Adrian Forbes-Black:
Area Four Industries America
Phone: +1 (800)-411-0065

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