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EXE DST 52 - Dynamic Stack Track, a universally applicable modular tracking system, from EXE Technology celebrates its German TV premiere.

On September 11 and November 13, "The Giovanni Zarrella Show" was broadcast on TV. In the large-scale three-hour live shows, the singer and host welcomed numerous artists such as Peter Maffay, Max Giesinger, Michelle, Alvaro Soler, Maite, Patrick and Angelo Kelly, Sasha, Santiano, Andrea Berg and many more to his stage.

Litecom , a company specializing in rigging and kinetics with headquarters in Denmark and a German location in Erfurt, relied for the production on EXE Technology's proven EXE EXE DST 52 system.
EXE DST 52 - Dynamic Stack Track, is a truss system with an integrated double track system and its “one open face” truss design make them stackable for transportation purposes. A wide portfolio of trolleys and other accessories that can be moved in the track enables three-dimensional movement in combination with chain hoists - "Move, Lift and Turn" is the motto of the Italian manufacturer EXE Technology from the Area Four Industries group, which sums up the possibilities in a nutshell.
"Due to the minimal noise development, the DST 52 system is ideally suited for television productions" CEO Mathias Sonntag justifies his selection. "The design of the system, with a very bend-resistant truss in which the tracking rails are already integrated, allows for maximum overall height" he further explains. "With 600 kg load capacity per trolley, the system is perfectly suited to move large loads horizontally," Mathias Sonntag concludes.
At the Giovanni Zarrella show, two systems were used to move LED walls.
In the first system, two LED walls of 4.5 m x 5 m and one ton each were moved by two master trolleys and a total of eight slave trolleys. In the second system, two master and four slave trolleys moved the two 2.5 m x 3.5 m LED walls, each weighing 700 kg, scenically through the set.
"DST does exactly what it's supposed to! A flexible off-the-shelf system, with countless possibilities. We at Litecom are glad to have bought DST from Area Four Industries Germany GmbH about 2 years ago and now use it regularly on productions" concludes Mathias Sonntag.