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History was made on 22. – 23.1 when The Area Four Industries Direct Germany office organized the first ever EXE Technology training session in Germany. Training was held in Emsdetten, Germany and was led by Sales and Marketing Manager - Carsten Pfeiffer (Area Four Industries Direct Germany) and EXE Technology Automation Manager - Gianluca Ferrari.

To kick off the training, Pfeiffer and Ferrari provided the ten attendees with a complete overview of EXE Technology’s range of chain hoists, load cells, controllers, and DSTs (Dynamic Stack Tracks). The training then dove into specific facts and detailed information about models within the EXE Rise and Vario chain hoist ranges, which included classifications, key features and components.
To gain a better understanding of how EXE hoists work, attendees witnessed a complete strip down of the chain hoist and learned about its operation from the inside out. After the mechanical heart of the hoist was put back together, a complete overview of the inspection process (DoV, CE, etc) was covered to help ensure the safety and long-term reliability of the hoists. An explanation of service log contents was also provided.
During the second day of training, attendees were given the opportunity to practise the inspection procedure and ask additional questions.
With dirty black hands, and big white smiles, attendees left the session with a better understanding of the internal components within EXE chain hoists and how they operate together.

Between the first and second days of the training session, trainers and attendees travelled to a nearby restaurant for a filling German meal and refreshing drinks.

Attending companies included TDA Rental GmbH, Rigging Service GmbH, Satis&fy AG, Groh-P.A. Veranstaltungstechnik e. K., LITECOM GmbH, Stagebox Rigging Service and Lockschuppen Event GmbH.