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For more than 25 years, our MILOS brand has produced high quality aluminium truss for some of the world’s leading live event production companies. In 2017, they utilized their truss manufacturing and design knowledge to create an entirely new line of truss that was launched in 2018 – MILOS Steel Truss - which satisfies the ever increasing loading requirements of leading live events across the globe
Introducing the MILOS PA Delay Tower, MILOS LED Screen Support Structure and MILOS Pitched Roof!  All three structures are made with Ultra High-Strength Steel that take loading to the EXTREME!

MILOS Steel Truss range:
  • Full line of tower and ground support components (Steel Base with Outriggers, Sleeve Blocks, Head-Sections, and unique locking unit for protection against drop AND lift)
  • Greatly increased span lengths (up to 60m free spans!) and loading capacities compared to aluminium truss
  • Special steel alloy that provides a nearly 4x more strength compared to standard S235 Steel
  • Integrated forklift pockets for convenient transport
  • Durable, industrial black paint finish as standard on all truss and tower sections

PA Delay Tower

pa-tower.jpg The MILOS PA Delay Tower (8m, 12m, 16m) provides extreme loading capacity for safely  flying your super heavy PA systems without guy wires. 
MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780 x 780mm)

Front face of PA: 10 m2
Side face of PA: 5m2 max.
Loading capacity: 2,500 kg
Anchoring / Ballast
 Due to the use of our integrated steel base with outriggers (3m outriggers at front/back and 2m on each side), combined with the significant self-weight of the Tower (70kg/metre), no ballast, or a very small amount of ballast, is required  (maximum of 2t).


LED Screen Gate

led-screen-support.jpg Safely and securely support the extreme weight of your large LED displays with a MILOS Steel Truss LED Screen Gate. The same tower setup as the PA Delay Tower above can be used to create an LED Gate, which does not require the use of guy wires.
Shown below are case studies for 8m, 12m and 16m high LED Screen Gates.
LED Screen capacities
 8m Tower: 60m2 front of screen
12m Tower: 40m2 front of screen
16m Tower: 20m2 front of screen
Wind Loading
 Up to 28m/second with secured structure

MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780 x 780mm)
Ballast Base
Footprint is the same as with MILOS PA Delay Towers, which use of a 1m x 1m steel base with 3m front/back outriggers. No external outriggers are necessary. Length of inner outriggers that interconnect the two towers depends on length of the LED Wall.
Advertising option
At the free end of the 2m-cantilever arm at the top of the tower, an advertising element can be attached. Due to the design of the gate, this element does not have to be dismantled when the gate is “out of service”.

Steel Truss Pitched Roof

Roof-mensi.pngExperience the ultimate support for your largest and most demanding shows with the MILOS Steel Truss Pitched roof. Extreme loading that only Ultra High-Strength Steel can deliver!
Overall: 60m wide x 23m deep x 23m tall
Stage: 30m x 15.5m with 20m high clearance
Optional Side Houses: 12m x 15.5m on each side with 20m high clearance

  • S-RTW Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (1450 x 770mm) for main grid
  • S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780mm x 780mm) for towers
Loading capacities
  • 58t UDL over the main stage area
  • 5t for each side house – 10t total
  • 16t on front and side cantilevers
  • Steel Base with outriggers for cross connecting the bases
  • Flexible Sleeve Block for the main grid truss with motor bracket included
  • Locking unit that prevents drop AND lift of sleeve block/mother grid
  • Head section for double fall chain hoist