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It is important for us that you know exactly who provides you with support and service, and who you can contact if you need to implement your projects or just need some advice. More detailed information about our MILOS sales team can be found below.

Lukáš Tuzar – Sales Manager

Lukáš is the Head of MILOS sales team, he joined the sales team after previous experience as a Product Development Manager for Xstage. Thanks to this experience, Lukáš will recommend a complete solution to your intended project.

Zdeněk  Růžička – Sales Manager

Zdeněk is a highly experienced businessman. Thanks to his 10 years working as MILOS Sales Manager, Zdeněk is able to advise you on every aspect of your project.

Lenka Topolová – Sales Department/ Back Office

hanks to her expertise and close relations with MILOS TOP customers, Lenka acts as the perfect complement to Zdeněk and is herself in charge of several selected customers.

Ljuba Varunkiv - Sales Department/Back Office

Ljuba has been a member of the sales team since 2015 and offers crucial support to all our branches around the world.

Filip Horák -Sales Department/ Back Office

Filip is the third member of the MILOS Back Office team and has a very important support role, particularly for Lukáš's most valued customers.

You can contact us not only by e-mail, but also by phone: +420 416 810 800
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