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We’re diving in the archives back to September 1996. The MPR1012 roof system was produced and a test build was done on the premises.
The MPR roof system is nowadays known as the MPT system. The standard MPR system was available in a 10x10, 10x12, 12x10,and 12x12 meter configuration. The tower is (still) built from an H30V truss, along with the main grids H40V and with H40D roof support trusses. The gable and rafters of the roof were produced of rectangular extendable profiles that enabled you to change the size of the rooftop quite easily.
When the MPR system was changed into the current MPT system, the profiles have been replaced by truss elements to increase the overall strength of the rooftop.
Over the years this roof system is still one of the most popular structures due to its flexibility and the system’s assembly from standard truss elements.
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