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Various sizes of profiles for various needs of your structure system. Keders help you to install your canopy covers faster and easier.

MILOS Keder Profiles are designed with an emphasis on optimum strength-to-weight ratio.
Keders are developed directly by us and can be used for small to large structures.
This solution ensures a user-friendly and, above all, secure attachment of the Canopy, even on the sides of your roof application, so that you achieve perfect coverage from the directions you want. 

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MILOS Keder Profiles
•             designed for optimized ratio strength to weight
•             incl. channel 31x10 mm for M12 hammerhead bolts
•             max. point load in channel 600 kg
•             aluminium connector profiles for all rectangle profiles available
•             transparent anodization
•             standard length 4 m
•             other lengths and machining on request
•             incl. drilling line marked in-side flanges

Milos. A 30+ years young brand, with fast, flexible, and affordable quality solutions. “Milos works better”