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Safety is always our first concern when designing and manufacturing our ML2, ML3 and ML4 lifts. All are built in compliance with existing norms, as well as tested and certified by internationally recognized agencies, such as TÜV Nord-Baumuster geprüft and Theateringenieur – BGV C1.

For most countries where our products are exported, the existing certifications are normally more than sufficient. If additional certifications are necessary in specific countries, we take great care in securing them before offering them on the market.

You can rest assured that when you buy any lift from our range, in whatever country you may live, it meets the necessary norms and holds the required certifications for delivering extreme safety.

ML2, ML3 and ML4 - Certifications and norm compliance:

TUV NORD CERTIFIED = Assures the lift meets the requirements for structures, i.e. when the load is lifted and secured at trim height, the lifting equipment then becomes a structure and different regulations apply to the lifting operation.

5° test = A load testing requirement taken from DIN 56950 (safety requirements and inspections for stands and truss lifts of stands)

DGUV-17 = German accident prevention regulation applies to employers and insured persons in Germany, as well as employers and employees from foreign enterprises who perform work in Germany.

CE = Self-certified conformity declaration TÜV and BGV C1 certified telescopic lifts with industry-leading durability, top levels of safety and unmatched user-friendliness.


  • Load 200 Kg
  • Max. height: 5,5m
  • Min. height: 1,7m
  • Height indicator
  • Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability
  • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction
  • Top mast safety attachment points



  • Load 200 Kg
  • Maximum height: 6,5m
  • Minimum height: 1,8m
  • Height indicator
  • Integrated wheels with brakes and a bubble level
  • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction
  • Top mast safety attachment point
  • Easy to load line array with double security for maximum safety and protection.



  • Load 260 kg
  • Max. Height 5.6 m
  • Min. Height 1.78 m
  • Outrigger rubber pads PLS (Pin Locking System)
  • The only TÜV certified multi-purpose lift that packs 270 kg of load capacity into 6.5 m.


  • Min. Height 1.98 m
  • Work surface 1.97 x 1.82 m
  • Outrigger rubber pads
  • Level indicator
  • Height indicator