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Now we are adding a bigger brother with 1.2 tons of weight. Bases are fully connectable with each other and ready to help you set your towers faster and with no need for water supply.
Our Concrete Ballast bases are made of steel-reinforced concrete and the blocks can be stacked together to form one large block with needed base weight.
The dimensions of the new 1.2 tons weight base (120x120x40 cm) are kept to be compact for efficient stocking and transportation and the height is the same as the 0.5 ton version.

  • Available versions 1200kg or 500kg Weight
  • Stackable for extra weights or easier transport
  • Inter-connectable to create heavier Ballast with a large footprint
  • Integrated adjustable screw-jack sleeve tube for leveling
  • Easy manipulation due to the Center Hanging point.
  • Forklift pockets for easy moving and stacking
  • M290&M390 Truss connection via thick steel plate including lugs for wires
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