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Transporting damp and heavy hoists from venue to venue has long been a thorn in the side of every rigger. Now, thanks to the industry experts at MILOS’ state-of-the-art factories, storing and transporting your valuable hoist stock has just got a whole lot easier.

The MILOS Armor Cart is the very latest innovation in bulk hoist transport and storage utility vehicles. Constructed in light and durable aluminium, the Armor Cart comes in two versions: the MAC-01-4025-A1 model easily accommodating 4 x 250 kg hoists, while the MAC-01-2100-A1 model holds a massive 2 x 1 tonne bulk hoists.

MILOS also recognized the need to cut back on transport and storage volume. Due to its compact form and ingenious design, Armor Carts have been crafted to stack on top of each other reducing transport volume by a huge 50 percent compared to flight cases.

And MILOS’ famed flexibility in responding to challenges from both industry professionals and clients led to the ‘open air’ design of the Armor Cart meaning a significant reduction in interior humidity. Put simply, your hoists dry faster thereby helping to prevent corrosion.

At a lightweight 31 kg, the MILOS Armor Cart has a height of 635 mm combined with a spacious 1080 mm width. 100 mm castor wheels allow the cart to be easily and safely transported from venue to storage area.

Discover the safety, convenience, and space saving advantages the Milos Armor Cart provides for the transport and storage of your hoist stock.

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