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Robotic welding workstations are here to helps us take away complex and repetitive work from human hands, which is handed over to machines.
This will make more efficient use of human resources for activities that require flexibility, skill and above all innovative thinking.
At this moment numerous robotic welding workstations are installed at our production hall and doing their artistic job.

We at MILOS have plenty of reasons to choose automated manufacturing.
One of the main reasons is to leave the monotonous and time-consuming production of basic Truss constructions, which are still in high demand, to robots and to use our highly experienced and valued Welders especially for special and more complicated projects, where a human hand and a flexible approach to the solution is needed.
Of course, there is flawless connectivity between robotically welded structures and manually welded structures.
Like all our products, robotically welded structures are monitored and tested. Inspected and certified by TÜV who are a major multinational company in the field of certification.
At MILOS, we are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes to continue to meet the demands of our growing family of satisfied customers.

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