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The Mobiltechlifts ML2 range offers you a wide palette of useful features. Among them include safely lifting your truss spans up to 6.5 metres, and supporting loads up to 200kg, with special add-on adapters!

 The ML2-TA 400 H and ML2 - A55/35 adapters quickly and easily attach to the top of your ML2 lifts, and are compatible with MILOS M222 to M400 truss. Attachment is completely tool-free, due to manual screw knobs and R clips on the ML2-TA 400H. And the days of lost R-Clips are gone forever, as they’re secured to the pins with steel wires.

Enjoy versatile support for your lighting fixtures and other equipment at height with a compact, mobile system!

Read more here about the ML2-TA 400 H and ML2 - A55/35 adapters, as well as other accessories available for the Mobiltechlifts ML2 range.