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The new MILOS (6x5, 8x6)  MR0 No Guy Wires  Saddle Roofs are designed for small
to medium-sized events and require NO internal wind bracing wires for ease of assembly
and stage access. Not only do you achieve the same stability as similar size roofs with
guy wires, but the total assembly time and ballast requirements are significantly reduced.
Thanks to adjustable pedestal leg you are able to build roof also on uneven ground.

The MILOS MR0 NGW 6x5m aluminium roof incoporates our latest HD Multi-Cube
eliminating the need for any wires or corner braces for this set-up. Using HD Multicube
in the construction of this roof allows loading capacity of upto 30 kg /m. Great size,
simple set-up, no hassle.

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The MILOS MR0 NGW 8x6m aluminium roof requires internal wind bracing wires within
its construction due to the use of the innovative Corner Brace HD. The special diagonal
brace and Shear Plate assembly combined with HD Multi-Cubes creates a rigid and stable
construction. Pedestal legs with screwjack bases provide a wide range of adjustment for
un-even surfaces.
The innovative Corner Brace HD, enables a respectable loading capacity for
small / medium size events ( front and back 30kg/m, side truss 25kg/m, ridge 10kg/m ).

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