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Name-days are eagerly anticipated events in the Czech calendar.
Although the custom is widespread in Catholic and Orthodox countries in both Europe and Latin America (and is often more popular than birthdays), in other countries the celebration is largely unknown. For this reason MILOS would like to introduce you to the Name-day.

Every month, we will select an employee and tell you more about the origin of the name as well as looking at their job specifications.
This month is the turn of Thomas, who celebrates his name-day on the 7th of March
Although a fairly common name, Thomas is derived of ancient origin. The Aramiac word, ‘toma,’ means ‘twin’ or ‘dual.’ Different languages both spell and pronounce the name in various ways. For example, in the Czech Republic the name is spelt Tomáš (the letter, ‘š’, pronounced like ‘sh’ as in ‘ship.’) In Germany, France, the UK, and the USA, ‘Thomas’ is the preferred spelling, while in Italy it is ‘Tommaso.’
Famous bearers of the name include Tommaso Campanella in Italy, Thomas Alva Edison in North America, and Tomáš Baťa in the Czech Republic.

MILOS employees include Tomáš Fiala from the Accounting Department, Tomáš Spurný from the Technical Department, Tomáš Satran as communication specialist, Tomáš Kubin as Welder, and Tomáš Termer from the Preparation Department.

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