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Nemesis. The name was a natural choice after its unique design, which is based on the popular 14”x24” (355mm x 609mm) TOMCAT touring truss profile, was brought to life by engineers deep in the bowels of TOMCAT’s Knoxville, Tennessee factory.

Nemesis greatly reduces the time and manpower required to load up fixtures due to its unique end loading system that allows a single technician to prep a truss section in the shop prior to shipping. In addition, the side channels can be mounted in two locations within the truss if smaller fixtures are used. A second set of channels can also be mounted, allowing fixtures to be offset as needed within the hang.
  • Up to 1296 lbs. (588 kg) loading on 48’ (14.6m) spans
  • 8’ (2.5m) or 10’ (3m) sections available
  • Side legs support the truss section during loading
  • Steel spigot connectors & 3/4” (19mm) clevis pins
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