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The Prolyte M145RV Mammoth Truss is one of the largest trusses ever constructed from aluminium. The design of this truss not only reflects the Prolyte philosophy of making user-friendly products, it also underscores the unrivalled technological knowledge and experience Prolyte has gained over the years.
Mammoth Truss provides massive strength for a range of application possibilities within a large construction, such as a roof system or mother grid. With its superior loading capacity, the M145RV Mammoth Truss is five times stronger than the B100 Series truss. For example, on a stretch of 30 metres you still can apply a point load of 6400kg. Other truss types can be stored inside the M145RV trusses. The overall measurements are thus designed that container and truck space are efficiently used.
Find more information downloading our 2022 Product Catalogue here. 

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