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September is here and this month’s #ProductHighlight features one of our favorite roofs: the XXL Roof.
Based on 13 CT towers, its main grid is based on B100RV truss and a pitched roof structure based on B52SV truss.

With an approximately loading capacity of 30 ton, uniformly distributed along the roof, this system also includes side wings to accommodate sound and video. The sound wings are suitable for a point load in the middle of the front span for a main PA of 3 ton and a point load on the side truss for the side fills of 1,8 ton.
The main roof area can be constructed in 3 different sizes 30m x 20m, 25m x 20m, 20m x 20m, realising a clearance of 14m between the stage and the main grid.
Furthermore, the construction features a covered side stage area on both sides. In normal conditions, this structure could be built in 3 to 4 days with an experienced crew of approximately 20 technicians.
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