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Our Blu Heart-er of the month goes all the way to Colombia , ladies and gents, please stand up to congratulate AndrĂ©s Montes Franco from Audio Concept de Colombia, S.A. 

Andres is the commercial advisor and product specialist at Audio Concept de Colombia SAS and has been with the company for 14 years, out of those 12 as a Prolyte customer.

Loyalty and enjoying the outdoors and nature are two of the main characteristics of Andres. Whoever knows him, will find him enjoying a good walk and a good movie at the movie theatre. 
When asked which Prolyte product was his favorite and how did he feel about being nominated as the Blu Heart-er of the month, Andres responded: “Truss, in general, is my favorite product, due to its versatility and endless possibilities of usage. It feels great to be nominated as a Blu Heart-er”. 

For so many years and many more to come, this one is for you Andres. Thank you for your loyalty and faith in us and our products