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The RT H30V, with a loading capacity of 800 kg and a maximum lifting height of 7,60 mm is the product highlight of the month. The RT H30V is based on h30v truss with stabilisers of 60 mm tube. It has a self-weight of 260 kg. The legs of the V-shaped base can be levelled by means of screw jacks, which are attached to the side of the legs. 
After the base is placed, the mast can be build and erected using the hinges on the base corner. The mast should be stabilised by means of the braces, which fix to the legs. After the system is levelled and ballast is applied, the load can be hoisted in position. Its relatively small dimensions can make it suitable for a range of applications, including outdoor events, concerts, shopping malls, halls, exhibition and theme parks.
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