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QR code scanning is another safeguard in guaranteeing the high quality of MILOS structures, and provides a comprehensive visual account of the metallurgical materials supplied by our reputable suppliers. The use of innovative QR code scanning technology enables a quick overview and response to possible defects, as well as the prevention of any recurrence of any such defects.

The metallurgical material for the production of MILOS structures undergoes a detailed inspection relating to possible defects. Every worker in the relevant workplace is knowledgeable in the methodology of assessing quality. The data collection process is carried out by fully trained specialists. The check has several phases:

After unpacking the materials, a careful visual inspection is performed. If any defects are found, the designated specialist begins the process of recording all necessary formalities:
  • Vendor
  • Material type
  • Defect detected /description of the defect
  • Packaging/delivery

This recording is done by scanning the QR code that is assigned to each supplier, the type of material used, and the defects. Another step implemented is photo documentation of the defect and the identification of the manufacturer in real time. By scanning, the data is immediately transferred to our database with which the quality and purchasing management subsequently works and systematically evaluates.

The whole MM supply quality management process is one of the first parts of the MM supply control chain, and we are implementing it to ensure transparency and efficiency in unifying the quality view shared between MILOS and its suppliers.

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