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In the final part of’s series of videos explaining the methodologies of rigging best practices, Siobhan Colleen takes a close look at sending a pipe to the up-rigger.
The dangers of a swinging pipe are well-documented. So how do you avoid such an occurrence in the workplace?
Siobhan demonstrates how to correctly tie the pipe using a clove-hitch coupled with a half-hitch to avoid the pipe swinging dangerously on its journey to the up-rigger.
Presented in her customary witty and informative manner, Siobhan stresses the importance of the motto, ‘Please Rig Super Safe.’
For this and other videos concentrating on avoiding potentially dangerous situations in the workplace, please click on the below:
The complete series of videos, all distinctively narrated by Siobhan, focuses on various contemporary rigging techniques. The eleven consecutive videos cover:
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All the videos will be broadcast on A4I. tv – First Trussing & Rigging Television.