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Another fascinating project that we would like to share with you is the amazing circus tent  Azyl78, the latest association Jatka78 summer scenery.
Azyl78 is used as the base for the summer performances of the famous Cirk La Putyka and many other ensembles, theatres, and artists, and can accommodate up to 800 spectators.
This astonishingly beautiful project, located near Prague's  Stromovka Park, was built by the renowned SMART Production company, specialists in technical production and event implementation.
The circus tent was tailor-made by experienced circus masters in Italy, with Lukáš Musil using the external structure much as a painter uses a canvas.
MILOS was delighted to participate in the internal design of this project with our RTP(M760) and QTB(M290) trusses, which were used as a necessary and safe support for hanging lights, decorations, and other props for the performers. 

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