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MILOS would like to share details of a project undertaken alongside our long-time customer and partner @MenAtWorkStagecraft, who implemented the construction of the MILOS MR5 roof composed, in large part, of a M950 truss with 6 MILOS MT3 towers.

The event took place at the Sunburn Arena Festival (with Alan Walker) and was organized in Chennai on the 24th of September, 2022. The creator, Book My Show and Percept EMC, in association with Global Sound, deserves full credit for their exceptional endeavour.
Every project sometimes bring unexpected challenges and the Sunburn Arena event was no exception.
MEN AT WORK had to change the orientation of the roof to accommodate the 2.5-meter(diameter) Sunburn logo, which was in-lit and required a separate truss structure to be cantilevered out.
In the end, everything went well and the project was successfully completed. Thanks to this, the participants were able to enjoy the show without worry.
80 meters of spreader were built and sub-hung trusses were used to suspend lighting fixtures such as :
  • MAC Viper Profile - 24 nos
  • MAC Aura XB - 26 nos
  • Robin Pointe - 35 nos
  • Molefay Four Light - 12 nos
  • MAC Viper Performance - 4 nos
  • JDC 1 - 44 nos
  • Supersmoke 3000 - 8 nos
MILOS is more than happy that our product could deliver the quality required for such an epic event.
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