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The Steel Truss LED Screen Gate from MILOS provides the extreme heavy-duty loading you require for the largest and heaviest LED displays used in today’s leading live events. As an added benefit, guy wires are not required due to the gate’s extreme self-weight!
Shown below are case studies for 8m, 12m and 16m high Steel LED Screen Gates.
LED Screen capacities
  • 8m Tower:    60m2 front of screen, 3000kg loading
  • 12m Tower:  40m2 front of screen, 2000kg loading
  • 16m Tower:  20m2 front of screen, 1000kg loading
Wind Loading
  • Wind loading of secured structure up to 28m/second
  • MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Grade Steel Truss (780 x 780mm)
Ballast Base
Footprint is the same as with our PA Delay Towers, which use of a 1m x 1m steel base with 3m outriggers. No external outriggers are necessary. Length of inner outriggers that interconnect the two towers depends on length of the LED Wall.
Advertising option
At the free end of the 2m cantilever arm at the top of the tower, an advertising element can be attached. Due to the design of the gate, this element does not have to be dismantled when the gate is “out of service”.
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