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Arm yourself with a roof that provides the super extreme loading capacities demanded by today’s leading live performances. The new Steel Truss Roof from MILOS achieves an amazing overall loading capacity of 83,200 kg, which handles the most demanding needs of the world’s biggest shows!
How did it reach this massive loading capacity?
Measuring 66 m (width) x 23.5 m (depth), the new MILOS Steel Roof is rated for a UDL of 57,600 kg.
What about LED screens? Well, the steel roof’s side houses have a load rating of 4,800 kg each, for a grand total of 9,600 kg. Bring on your massive LED screens!
And what about PA systems? Each side house has a load rating of 2x 3,000 kg + 1x 2,000 kg, for a grand total of 16,000 kg! Hoist that big sound up!
Take your roof loading to the extreme with the new MILOS Steel Truss Roof.
Stage area dimensions:
  • Main span: 30m
  • Side House: 12m
  • Depth: 15.5m
  • Clearance: 20m
  • Front Cantilever: 4m
Overall roof dimensions:
  • Width: 66 m
  • Depth: 23.5 m
Loading capacity:
  • UDL: 58,000 kg
  • LED screen: 4,800 kg per side house = 9,600 kg
  • PA (Left Side House): 2x 3,000 kg + 1x 2,000 kg = 8,000 kg
  • PA (Right Side House): 2x 3,000 kg + 1x 2,000 kg = 8,000 kg
Overall loading capacity: 83,200 kg!