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Quite simply, the TOMCAT 16“ and 12“ (MK1,MK2 and MK3) Compact Aluminium Towers are the professional solution for ensuring all small and large events are fun, spectacular, and safe.


The 16“ TOMCAT Tower, profiling an impressive 16“x16“, easily meets all the requirements for safe and easy use for all indoor and outdoor events. The maximum height of the TOMCAT Tower is 45“, with a maximum axial load of 4,000 lbs.

Our 12“ MK2 and MK3“ TOMCAT Towers are also authorized for outdoor and indoor use (although the MK1 Tower is only intended for indoor events.) The maximum height for all three Towers is 35´. However note that the axial load is different depending on the type of tower:
  • MK1 2,000 lbs
  • MK2 and MK3 3,000 lbs

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