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Welcome to the MILOS, ‘Ultimate Hinge,’ the most versatile hinge ever produced.
The functionality of the classic Book Corners are well known to riggers across the world. However, these hinges only allow rotation in one axial direction. The Ultimate Hinge ensures that all chain hoists can be run independently without twisting or stressing any of the connected components.
The aluminium tapered truss module and steel hinge connects seamlessly with the MILOS M290 Quatro truss. The versatility of the Ultimate Hinge allows for unobstructed vertical, horizontal, even side-to-side movements of your truss span, with the powerful and durable swivel lifting eye giving you the optimum connection with all your electric hoists.
The main chord is a sturdy 48x3 mm. Diagonals measuring 20x2mm provides a loading capacity of up to 500 kg (in accordance with DGUV17 – the protocol governing suspending loads above people) is safely within its capability. Maximum loading capacity (WLL) is 1000kg.
Put simply, the MILOS aluminium and steel Ultimate Hinge works better than any other comparable hinge available on the market. Satisfaction, reliability, and safety is guaranteed.
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