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Having worked at Prolyte in his present position for ten years, Eric Laanstra is an acknowledged industry expert. In his most recent video for, Eric talks us through the very latest developments in Prolyte’s innovative new Verto-Truss Systems range.

To briefly recap, the Verto system was originally developed as a fast and quiet alternative to the Conical Connecting System. “Silent. Safe. Quick,” are the three words Eric chooses to describe the Verto-Truss System, and assembly and disassembly are very quick indeed.

Prolyte realised that only one connecting element is necessary to assemble the Verto-Truss System. By simply inserting the connector and turning the element 180 degrees the connecting element is securely fixed. No noisy hammering in of pins is necessary.

Safety elements incorporated into the connecting element include red and blue areas lining the bottom of the element. If the red circle is visible, the connector has not been closed safely. On the inside of the connector a blue cap not only protects against incoming dirt, but again functions as an extra safety measure. If there is no connecting element inside the actual connector, then it is impossible to close the connector. Yet another part of Prolyte’s “Fool-Proof” assembly philosophy.

Another product feature is that all Verto-Truss Systems have two internal truss members placed at the end of the truss module. This guarantees the square shape of the truss.

Last but not least, it is important to note that the connectors can be replaced if any damage is caused to the truss module.

Other recent developments include offering alternatives to the H30V Verto-Truss. Although the most used and reliable Verto-Truss currently on the market, Prolyte recently received requests for Verto-Truss Systems with a higher loading capacity. To meet this demand, Prolyte developed the H40V Verto-Truss – the ‘big brother’ of the H30V Verto-Truss.

The H40V has the same 48x3mm main tubes as the H30V, but offers increased 20x2mm diagonals allowing it to take on higher loading capacities for a longer period of time.

For those who find the H40V too large for their requirements, Prolyte developed the H40R Verto-Truss. A rectangular truss, this has the same height of the H40V truss (and roughly the same loading capacity), but has the same width as the H30V truss saving the user 25 per cent of storage and transport space.

Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Holland, it has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise of being one step ahead with a new mentality and new energy. “Prolyte. Feel Fantastic”

For more on Prolyte’s Verto-Truss range, please click on Eric Laanstra’s latest video here.