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Just as MILOS is the undisputed world leader in aluminium structures for the entertainment industry, the brand also works hard to become the leader in robotic workstation operations.  
The incorporation of robots into the production process has greatly helped us make more use of our experienced human welders for the particular tasks and challenges associated with the projects that MILOS makes possible.
Robotic workstations can, with the assistance of an operator, create a structure from the first to the last weld with great precision and in the highest possible quality. Each weld is executed with the same precision as the previous one. This is why we can produce larger quantities of structures for our customers than before. We had to also increase the capacity for packaging products and their subsequent storage before shipping.
Our goal is not to deliver a sufficient product but to deliver a perfect product in terms of quality of workmanship, welding, connectivity and the associated "longevity" of the product so that a design that does not have specified maximum durability can be reused.
At MILOS, we are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes to continue to meet the demands of our growing family of satisfied customers.