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Increase the safety of your S8, S9 and S10 Xstage stage decks by providing an extra layer of protection where you need it most - at the edges! All Xstage Guard Rails attach securely to your stage decks and feature horizontal support bars to resist side-loading forces.
Made from high quality aluminium, Xstage Guard Rails provide high strength and extreme durability for a long service life.

S8 Stage Deck Guard Rails

S8 Guard Rails fit on all S8 stage decks and feature two connection points (side profile and leg connector) for superior support.
  • 1m or 2m lengths available
  • 48mm diameter tubes
  • All connecting hardware include

S9 Stage Deck Guard Rails

S9 Guard Rails come in imperial sizes to fit S9 stage decks that are made for the UK market.
  • 2' (609.60 mm), 4' (1219.20 mm), 6' (1828.80 mm) and 8' (2438.40 mm) lengths available
  • Heavy-duty 48mm tubes
  • All connecting hardware included
S10 Stage Deck Guard Rails

 Heavy-duty Guard Rails that attach safely and securely on all S10 stage decks.
  • 1m and 2m lengths available
  • Heavy-duty 48mm tubes
  • Requires XS10GRA adaptor for attachment to S10 deck
Click here for more information on Xstage Guard Rails.